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MRI Knee

MRI Knee

An RMN Genunchi of your knee is a noninvasive test that uses magnetic waves and radio frequencies to scan your knee. A technologist will position you on a moveable table and use straps or bolsters to help you stay still during the scan. Your doctor may inject a contrast dye before your exam to better visualize certain areas of the knee. The dye helps your doctor spot blood vessels, muscles, ligaments, and other tissues inside your knee.

You will lie down on a table that slides into the space that contains the MRI machine. The scan will take between 30 and 90 minutes. You will not feel any pain from the MRI machine but you may get tired or sore from lying down for a long time. You will hear humming, tapping, and clicking noises while the scan is taking place and you will be given earplugs to reduce the sound level. A technologist will watch you through a window during the scan and you can talk to them through an intercom.

Knee Health Unveiled: Understanding the Process and Benefits of MRI Scans

Health insurance usually covers MRIs. Contact your health plan to find out how much you will pay for this test and if a referral or prior authorization is required. You can also ask your doctor for a written estimate of the costs before your visit. This will allow you to prepare for the cost of your MRI. The radiologist will review the results and send a formal report to your doctor. Your doctor will then discuss the results with you.

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