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Brown Bear Tours Romania

Brown Bear Tours Romania

The forests of Romania’s Carpathian Mountains provide a prime habitat for wild brown bears (Ursus arctos). While these magnificent creatures can be found across Europe, their lush surroundings in Romania make it a premier wildlife watching destination. While culling bears has been a common practice in the past, responsible tourism, reforestation efforts and rewilding initiatives are helping to ensure their continued survival.

Travelers seeking a true encounter with these powerful predators can visit the Southern and Eastern Carpathians for a range of bear-watching adventures. This includes visiting the Libearty Bear Sanctuary, where rescued bears live in natural enclosures and educating visitors about the issues facing this species. Guests can also volunteer at the hides for a more hands-on bear-watching experience.

Brown Bear Tours in Romania: A Wild Adventure Awaits

Untravelled Paths are a key component of the rewilding process and are essential to help reduce bears’ need to forage closer to populated areas and risk human-bear conflict. In turn, rewilding will minimise the impact on other species like deer and wild boar and improve food stability across ecosystems.

A guided trek into the wilderness of Romania’s rugged mountain foothills is the most likely way to spot bears in their natural environment. In the Lower Carpathians, limestone landscapes such as Zarnesti Gorge offer atmospheric settings for bear tracking expeditions. In the Piatra Craiului National Park, tours lead travelers into the forests with a specialist guide for a greater chance of sightings. Staying in a comfortable rustic guesthouse in Brasov, rather than hotels in the city, helps to support local economies and contributes to a more environmentally friendly bear watching experience.

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