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About Damien Cole

Damien Cole’s innovative approach to directing has made him a much sought-after talent within the industry today. His passion for collaboration between performers and directors ensures that each production is created with purposeful intentionality while ensuring that every audience member feels connected to what they are seeing on stage. Damien Cole is an accomplished theatre director, producer and artistic director. He has been directing and producing theatre for over 20 years in various cities around the world. He is currently the Artistic Director of the prestigious London-based theatre company, The National Theatre.

Damien was born and raised in Bristol, England where he began his professional career as a stage performer before moving on to directing and producing. He honed his craft at theatres across Europe, establishing himself as a professional director with several critically acclaimed productions. Damien’s signature style combines classical theatrical techniques with modern sensibilities, often imbued with dark humor and political satire.

In 2005 he was tapped to lead The National Theatre as its Artistic Director, becoming one of the youngest people ever to hold this position. Under Damien’s leadership, The National Theatre has become one of the most respected venues in London for contemporary drama and musicals, as well as revivals of classic works from both the British and international repertoire.

Away from the theatre, Damien is an avid reader, film enthusiast, and music lover. He also enjoys spending time outdoors exploring nature or traveling abroad to discover new cultures. He believes that each experience can provide valuable insight into creating engaging theatrical productions that move audiences emotionally.

In addition to his professional accomplishments, Damien is an advocate of the arts and a passionate educator. He has served as a mentor for numerous emerging directors in London, providing guidance on their craft and offering advice on how to build successful careers in theatre. He also regularly speaks at universities and colleges around the world, sharing his knowledge and experience with aspiring theatre practitioners.