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Student Emergency Kits

Student Emergency Kits are designed to contain essential supplies for students and teachers to use in a classroom lockdown or evacuation situation. These school emergency kits are compact and contain items that are based on recommendations made by leading disaster response organizations. They are recommended to be kept in each classroom, and some schools also keep them in other areas where students might congregate such as libraries, cafeterias or gyms. Go here

This kit includes emergency first aid supplies to treat minor wounds, a poncho and blanket to protect from the elements and emergency water and food rations for sustenance. It is packaged in a durable, resealable bag that easily fits in a desk cubby, cabinet or centralized storage area. Each student emergency kit contains a high visibility label where the student can write their name, and the expiration date.

Emergency Preparedness 101: Building Your Student Emergency Kit

Other important items to include in a classroom emergency kit are light and communication tools as well as warmth and comfort items and hygiene and sanitation tools. A flashlight will provide light if there is a power outage, and a whistle can help signal for rescuers. A blanket will provide warmth and comfort, while a multi-tool can be useful for getting to safety or for building shelter.

A backpack can be helpful to store these classroom emergency kits in, and it will make it easier for the students to grab them when they need to get out of the school. Parents of special needs students should consider providing a bag of extra supplies for their child to have in the classroom emergency kit, such as gastric feeding tube equipment or medication.

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