How to Find a Portable Oxygen Machine Near Me
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How to Find a Portable Oxygen Machine Near Me

If you require supplemental oxygen therapy, your doctor may prescribe either a stationary or portable (also called personal) oxygen concentrator. Portable oxygen machines (POCs) are small battery powered devices that filter and concentrate ambient air then deliver it via a nasal cannula in both continuous and pulse dose settings. They can be plugged into an AC outlet in your home or are lightweight and wearable for easy mobility outside the house. They can be stored in a carrying case or mobile cart and are FAA approved for air travel. They can even be connected to a smart device through Bluetooth capabilities to help you track filter, cannula and battery life as well as schedule recommended cleanings and battery changes.

What is the best oxygen concentrator for home?

A POC can give you the freedom to stay active with friends and family, go shopping or dining out, visit local attractions, and enjoy other activities that are not possible with a home oxygen machine. To ensure you get the right Portable oxygen machine near me, first speak with your doctor to determine what type of POC you need and if you are eligible for Medicare coverage or private insurance that covers it.

Several online retailers offer financing and buy now, pay later options through services like PayPal or Affirm to make it easier for you to afford a POC. Inogen also offers a seven-day, risk-free trial period on its G4 and G5 portable oxygen concentrators for qualified patients.

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