How to Avoid Email Fraud With the Scam Email Checker
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How to Avoid Email Fraud With the Scam Email Checker

Scam Email Checkers are sending 3 billion fake emails a day that look like they’re from people you trust, so it’s easy to get fooled. But with a little vigilance and some basic tips, you can keep yourself safe from online threats.

What’s a Red Flag?

Almost any message asking you for money, personal information or assistance is a possible scam. Look out for signs that a message might be dodgy, including poor spelling or grammar, a sense of urgency, and generic greetings (such as “Dear Customer”). It’s also a good idea to avoid clicking any links in unsolicited messages or downloading attachments, especially those with extensions such as.exe ,.zip or.rar, which could be malware or phishing scripts. Always hover over any link to reveal the full address before you click it, and be wary of any requests to log into accounts or enter your details on websites that you haven’t visited before.

Scams also prey on our emotions, and use scare tactics to manipulate us into making rash decisions. For example, many scams claim that a service you use regularly has been compromised or is about to be discontinued. This creates a sense of urgency to act immediately, which can make it hard to resist the temptation to click.

Keeping your computer’s software up to date is another way to protect yourself from scams and malware, as hackers often target computers that have outdated operating systems or antivirus protection. Scammers can use vulnerabilities in these programs to install malicious software on your computer, which they can then use to steal your passwords or access your data.

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